I drank from the Sacramento River today! Everyone I meet here in Shasta talk about the water and it’s purity. I was guided by some kind souls to the base of Spring Hill in Mount Shasta City Park, to a headwaters spring – part of the Upper Sacramento River.

River water

I walked a little bit in the forest, crossing a wooden bridge covered in a layer of snow, it was beautiful: slushy, snowy, rainy, chilly. The chill felt grounding and the air was so fresh and it felt effortless to fill my lungs with it. I can’t wait to get a basketball so I can play on all the cool courts I find. This court was so beautiful; surrounded by these tall snowy giants. This park was gorgeous for a “city park”: Shasta, you keep surprising me everyday. It’s a place with so many hidden gems; even the “not so hidden” gems feel like hidden gems.

Wintery B-Ball Court

Today was an interesting day and I ended it with the best dance party ever.

Dance party


~Rainbow Howard

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