Just breath by a tree in a small town.


Yesterday I was in Yreka! My experience there was simple and amazing. Maybe it’s because I’m a small town girl (living in a lonely world… you get it!) at heart. Just spending the day here, made me miss my small home town. Although the town felt a bit abandoned due to social distancing, everyone I saw out and about were just so friendly. I think it’s all of Shasta. So friendly. My people. It’s difficult these days to find such friendly vibes. People look at me as a whole respected person here even with my dreads and knowing very little about me. Dreads are another topic, but even though having them can be painful, they do tend to push me and guide me to environments that are better for my overall health, places where my spirit is happier. I’m learning that even if you “stand out” (non traditional/different), I feel like as long as you feel connected to nature and yourself, you can be a chameleon of sorts (blend in if needed). Life hits you in the most interesting ways when you just embrace being amazing YOU.

I ran through the colorful historical streets of Yreka – old gold mining grounds. It felt a lot like Petaluma, Ca – an area I lived for a short amount of time a couple years ago. I believe they are both old gold mining areas. They have a similar “feel” and look of the architecture – “colorful retro cowboy western” feel.

Look at how pretty these colors are!
Loved their Main Street!

I loved all the smiles and I felt so welcome and at home here. I feel like when you enter a new town, area, land with respect, friendliness, and a genuine curiosity, it really helps the traveler understand where they are. It requires a sense of humility in order to really experience a new place and less of a tourist kind of mentality. I feel like when I enter a new place, it’s as if I live there. I feel just enough protected or separate (in my home) and just enough not separate from the land or people living there. Like, in Weed, I have ran into so many awesome locals in the grocery store – some that I have seen a couple times. I think that’s the comfort of living or growing up in a small town.

I sat by a tree and meditated in the park after running. It was so nice. Shasta county is offering me so many meditations that I hope I get to share with the world!

More soon,

Rainbow Howard

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